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Argh. Looks like I can’t post pictures at the moment

March 27, 2008

I’ll try and find a workaround. I also can’t seem to approve comments. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and pay for an IP address that won’t be blocked. I do miss writing and posting.


And…we’re back (maybe)

March 27, 2008

Here’s hoping I’ve found a way around the firewall for now. Five months later, the blog may be back. I don’t seem to be able to do pictures at the moment, however.

Let’s try this as a test and take it from there.

Stranded in Beijing

September 19, 2007

Well, not really stranded. I’ve been in town for a conference. The remnants of a typhoon are about to hit Shanghai. I was supposed to fly back this afternoon, but rather than risk going to the airport and being told my flight had been canceled, or worse, getting on a plane and dipping and swaying all the way back to Shanghai, I decided to extend my stay and hang out a bit more with our friends Stacy & Kai and their cute-as-a-button baby, Raelynn.

School was canceled for the boys today. Lisa reports gale force winds and heavy rain. Hopefully things will be calmer tomorrow.

Welcome to our blog

August 24, 2007

aidan-and-rollo-in-beijing.jpgAt long last, a blog. Hopefully this will allow us to stay in better touch with friends and family, and friends and family to stay in better touch with us. It’s a little more dynamic and editable than the flickr site, which we still maintain and update, but which is a pain in the ass for folks to access since we choose not to make most of our photos available to the general public. Let us know if you can see the picture. We’re still figuring out the technology, which is slow and possibly constrained where we are.