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That’s gotta hurt

November 1, 2007

Halloween photos of the two jaguar boys will be posted by Lisa shortly.

Last night we went to a small party at a friend’s apartment where the kids did a kind of hybridized Halloween Easter-egg-style candy hunt. They had fun. On the way home, Rollo, perhaps drunk on lollipops and chocolate bars, tripped and went flying into the corner of a sharp-edged wall. His hip was bruised pretty badly, so much so that I thought it was possibly chipped and broken. I no longer think it is, but…poor guy. First he loses his blankie, then this. The swelling has gone down quite a bit today (there was a bump about the size of a walnut) but he was in a lot of pain last night. He stayed home from school today — we were worried he would get banged up in the usual rough and tumble of kiddie play.

In other hip-related news, we’re all wishing Nana well as she undergoes hip replacement surgery today. We love you, Nana!


Free yourself

October 24, 2007

A local DVD store makes a suggestion. At least they’re honest…

DVD store


October 22, 2007

WordPress has been inaccessible the past week until today. Strange things have been happening online lately. Youtube has been completely blocked. Blogspot sites are suddenly accessible without a proxy.
Come June or July at the latest (when Olympic fever is at its anticipatory peak) everything should be open and available. Until then, they’re tinkering with stuff seemingly just to keep people on their toes.

Catching up

October 6, 2007

It’s been a busy few weeks of work followed by the Chinese National Day holiday, which actually lasts a week. The kids have been off school, making work harder to do (I don’t especially want to take the time off since traveling in China during this week is unpleasant). We’ve been visiting friends, going outside in the unseasonably warm weather, generally loafing. I try and catch up in the evenings on work.

I’m having some trouble loading pics right now, so we’ll hold off on those for the moment, but here’s what’s been going on:

There have been three different massive fireworks displays in Century Park this week, right across from our apartment complex. Unfortunately we don’t have a park view but we did go out front for a look-see, along with the teeming masses who pooled up at the big intersection and oohed and aahed. The boys ran around with some kids they know and didn’t pay much attention to the fireworks.

Aidan lost his second tooth in about as many weeks yesterday. The Tooth Fairy has been busy. In fact, He asked me to put in word with the Fairy that he wants more money. Sadly I have no influence with the Tooth Fairy and he’ll get what he gets. The front right incisor was the lucky one — the same one he crunched when he fell on a chair some years back in Hyattsville. We’ll see if the new one grows back in properly. As I recall, there was some doubt from our dentist.

We bought a fish tank last weekend. It’s about 48 gallons according to my metric conversion, so it’s a biggee – more than twice the size of our old tank. Lisa is rapidly populating it with tropical fish. The boys, who have shown a knack for finagling free things from Chinese shopkeepers using nothing more than charm and their surprise Chinese language skills, are also contributing to the rising aquatic population as well. They scored 10 free fish and some plants from a shop the other day when Lisa wasn’t looking.

I picked up the first and second seasons of Rome recently. It’s really good.

In and around Beijing

September 24, 2007

Some photos from my brief Beijing trip. Killed time waiting for my flight with a brief tour.

Here’s the Lama Temple, containing one of the biggest Buddhas I’ve ever laid eyes on.
Lama Temple

I know when I look for a product– any product, really — I want it to be clown fresh.

Clown Fresh

Finally, Ms. Raelynn Li — cuteness personified.


How to make a left turn in China

September 7, 2007

Soimgoingtochina describes traffic conditions in Beijing, complete with diagrams. Pretty much the same thing here in Shanghai.