That’s gotta hurt

Halloween photos of the two jaguar boys will be posted by Lisa shortly.

Last night we went to a small party at a friend’s apartment where the kids did a kind of hybridized Halloween Easter-egg-style candy hunt. They had fun. On the way home, Rollo, perhaps drunk on lollipops and chocolate bars, tripped and went flying into the corner of a sharp-edged wall. His hip was bruised pretty badly, so much so that I thought it was possibly chipped and broken. I no longer think it is, but…poor guy. First he loses his blankie, then this. The swelling has gone down quite a bit today (there was a bump about the size of a walnut) but he was in a lot of pain last night. He stayed home from school today — we were worried he would get banged up in the usual rough and tumble of kiddie play.

In other hip-related news, we’re all wishing Nana well as she undergoes hip replacement surgery today. We love you, Nana!


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