Bitter coda to a sweet day

Today was bittersweet.

Rollo5’s birthday party was fabulous if a bit late. Here he is just before his candles were lit up:


We made up a bunch of food – curry/pear/squash soup, lasagna, chocolate cake, Rice Krispy cakes, and more. Guests came. Rollo opened presents and shrieked with joy. We went outside and played. The weather was gorgeous. All in all it couldn’t have been more fabulous. Here’s Shuwin, Rollo’s classmate and bestest buddy, showing us her cake face:


Then bedtime came and the nightmare began. It seems in our haste to clean up the apartment this morning, I may have thrown Rollo’s beloved blue blankie away. He has a squirrel-like tendency to stuff prized possessions into secret places that only he knows about.

Yesterday I bought a large pot so we could make soup. The pot came in a box. The box sat by the door—empty, or so I thought—this morning until I threw it out along with some other garbage.

This evening Rollo kept insisting his blanket was “in the big box”.

“You mean the white box that was by the door?!”

“YES!” he said, terror creeping into his voice. After the full force of what happened hit him, the tears flowed hard.

“I’m so sad that I can’t stop crying!” he sobbed again and again, causing me to well up. I can’t remember ever having been so passionate about an object. He was inconsolable for the better part of an hour before he fell asleep with Lisa cuddling him. Blankie has been around since he was born and he’s rarely ever been without it, certainly not at night.


7 Responses to “Bitter coda to a sweet day”

  1. Aunt Jennifer Says:

    Hey Rollo! So sorry to hear about your Blankie!!! Sounds like a terrible accident…hope you are feeling better. Looks like your birthday party was super fun. Lot’s of love, aunt jennifer

  2. ann Says:

    That is so sad. I cried reading it! It’ll never be the same but can you take him to shop for a halfway decent facsimile? Right now?

  3. lamontchu Says:

    We actually already ordered another from Lands End (where the original came from). He did much better last night. I think he’s reassured that the replacement is on the way.

  4. Phyllis Says:

    I remember those days well. I hope he will forgive you soon. Perhaps you can both shop for a replacement. OBTW- Eric’s first birthday was also celebrated on 10/27/07.

  5. ann Says:

    Just a heads up…John won’t actually read your message to Rollo..I’ve tried that before. He will respond to it as if you were addressing him. John says Rollo can’t read. Apparently it’s tough luck for him.
    P.S.~ How ARE you guys???

  6. lamontchu Says:

    Rollo has asked me to convey to you his feelings that these attacks on his father are baseless, groundless, and wholly without merit. Despite his illiteracy, he is capable of great empathy and worries that his father is being unfairly maligned.

  7. ann Says:

    Are we putting words in a small child’s mouth now?? Could we possibly stoop any lower?

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