The Big 5


The boy who has been signing his name all year as Rollo4 is now Rollo5. He skipped school today and went to the insect museum and the aquarium with Lisa. Then we all met up at the Cafe du Monde for spaghetti and sweet, sweet, sugary beignets. Then outside for some play with his new friends from Japan. Right now he’s capping off a glorious day with a Pokemon video (in English, thanks to Grandma) with chocolate cake to follow.


4 Responses to “The Big 5”

  1. ann Says:

    Happy Birthday Rollo!! 5 is such a big number!! Who made the cool person in the photo? How are your fish?? I’m so glad your day was fun!

  2. lamontchu Says:

    The fish are well now that they have a new aerator. The figure Rollo is carrying is Flat Stanley. He was sent by the son of one of my work colleagues as part of a class project where Flat Stanley travels to different parts of the world and documents his journey. He’ll be heading back to New Jersey today in a FedEx pouch, the lucky scamp.

  3. ann Says:

    Uhh…although I totally appreciate your response JOHN, My questions/comments were actually directed at the boy who would be five.=)
    The flat Stanley thing is a great geography idea. We do a “Where in the world” map. We invite parents,families, relatives to send us postcards from their travels. Then that child gets to putt a push pin on that spot on the map. Not as cool as a little guy who actuallt travels there himself. Where did Stanley begin?

  4. lamontchu Says:

    (shhh — no one has told him he doesn’t know how to read or write yet)

    In response to your birthday wishes, Rollo says, ‘Poopoo peepee butt!’ Further, he adds, “I like Pokemon,” and “Honky-onky-honky-onk!”

    As for Flat Stanley, see here:

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