Shanghai art museum

Orange RolloWent to the Shanghai Art Museum this weekend. The boys started whingeing shortly after we arrived. “It’s booooooring,” and “I’m boooooored” covered the art like wet burlap sacks. But just as we were about to pack it in and take a culture raincheck, we went up to the third floor and were pleasantly surprised by, of all things, a silk exhibition sponsored by Hermes. The exhibitors did a fantastic job of creating a new place within the museum. There was ethereal music, dramatic lighting, rooms with different character and distinct feels, etc. The boys really got into it.boys art museum

Aidan said, “Pop, this inspires my art.”


One Response to “Shanghai art museum”

  1. katelyn Says:

    looks like a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! i wish i could see it, but i don’t think it’s traveling. the boys look adorable in that pic.

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