Queen of the Scottish Fairies

I found this charming.

[Note, if you don’t have the NY Times Select, you can’t access it. Grrrr. It’s a large image/ cartoon by Rutu Modan that deals with issues of gender and identity in boys. I’ve tried to attach a copy below that I hope you can view. You may have to copy it into an image viewer like iPhoto and enlarge it. Or if you’re really interested, shoot me an email and I’ll give you the login info.]

We went through this a bit with Aidan the past few years, and I confess I was surprised to find myself reacting more along the lines of the father in the story than I would have imagined. I eventually backed off and mellowed out — again like the dad in the cartoon — after some admonishment from Lisa. And Aidan has seemingly grown out of whatever he was going through and is beginning to be more influenced by his peers in matters of gender relations and identity among six-year-olds.



2 Responses to “Queen of the Scottish Fairies”

  1. ann Says:

    Welcome to my world. Every year this is a big issue for someone. I once had little boy in my class that went straight (I mean directly)for the dress-up corner and donned a gold lamay dress each day for the entire year. In addition to that, Mom painted his toenails and fingernails for him because he loved it.( That was a little over the top even for me.) It’s a rare Dad that is comfortable with it.

  2. lamontchu Says:

    Yeah, I figure it must be true for lots of families. I was just struck by the visceral nature of my reaction. I guess at a certain level when I saw Aidan go through a phase where he wanted to put on dresses, wear pink clothes, and generally act like a girl, I thought about how reflexively homophobic I was in junior high and high school and how I would never want Aidan to be the target of that kind of ignorance.

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