Sick kid

We awoke at 2AM to the sound of Aidan heaving his guts, thankfully into the toilet. Not sure what’s wrong, but we had salmon last night for dinner. My stomach felt a little hinky all evening and isn’t stable even now. Lisa says she feels OK. Rollo, who ate the least salmon of anyone, natch, went to school feeling fine. Aidan is home watching Pokemon, drinking ginger ale, and feeling better. I’m not 100% ready to blame the salmon, especially since Aidan’s hands are constantly in his mouth, but it’s a likely culprit since he has no outward flu symptoms.


2 Responses to “Sick kid”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hey, hope Aidan is feeling better! Kudos for making it to the bathroom by himself…

  2. lamontchu Says:

    All better now, thanks. Back in school yesterday.

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