Beach blanket Bollywood

From the 1965 Bollywood thriller, Gumnaam, I give you Jaan Pehechaan Ho. Try not to dance. I dare you.


5 Responses to “Beach blanket Bollywood”

  1. ann Says:

    Shoot. Now Burt and I can’t stop dancing like that all around the house.

  2. Lumpy Says:

    No kidding. Man I could have totally used this source of inspiration before going to see the Little Richard yesterday. Not sure we could have come up with the outfits on such short notice, though.

  3. ann Says:

    Wait..Little Richard is still alive?

  4. lamontchu Says:


    He’s playing in Florida next month.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    very catchy, Grady loved dancing to it. Could it have been longer? Jackson was perplexed by the masks.

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