Globalization and Culture Clash, Little Emperor Style

Aidan got his first ever taste of McDonald’s food Saturday night. He has been playing basketball regularly with a group of kids from our apartment complex and some former pre-school mates. Gao Zhi Qi, our friend and mother of Aidan’s good buddy Patrick, has hired a coach and found four or five boys to come to practice once a week. They usually play at an indoor court about 3k (2 miles) from our apartment for about an hour. It’s great. He runs around, gets tuckered out, and practices his hoops skilz.

Saturday night we caught a ride home with a new kid from the apartment complex. He’s a classic Little Emperor: only child, doughy, entitled, and, at six years old, drinks Pepsi like it’s water, God love ‘im.

As Aidan and the little boy were bantering in the back seat in Chinese, I heard the kid say he was hungry. He demanded we stop at McDonald’s despite the fact that he was five minutes from home. After I made it clear that Aidan had dinner waiting at home, the kid’s dad, whose name I can’t remember but who is a very nice guy, pulled the Buick over, hopped out, and ran inside. He returned five minutes later with two strawberry sundaes and gave one to an eager Aidan. He  promptly devoured it. “I’m finished!” Sugar highs all around.


One Response to “Globalization and Culture Clash, Little Emperor Style”

  1. ann Says:

    Wow! I thought that kind of indulgence belonged to fat little American kids alone!
    I love your blog, and look forward to reading more.
    Fingers crossed that “nobody ” shuts it down. 🙂
    Our very best wishes~ Ann

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