Things Aidan Will Do When He’s 10

1. Listen to me. As in, “Pop, when I’m 10, I’ll listen to you,” which he told me this evening after yet another battle over bedtime, toothbrushing, and the end of Pokemon DVD watching for the night.aidan


4 Responses to “Things Aidan Will Do When He’s 10”

  1. ann Says:

    It’s a goal. It’s sweet that he can clearly see the goal is not within his reach at the moment, but surely when he’s ten, it’s feasible. As Grampa would say, “there are no flies on that boy”.

  2. lamontchu Says:

    I agree. He has made this kind of declaration in the past. He tends to move the goalposts when confronted with prior statements. I foresee a career in politics or law. 😉

  3. michelleb Says:

    Lucas used to tell us just before his 4th birthday that when he was four he would listen to grownups and like to eat all different kinds of things. Then he denied being four for several weeks after his birthday. He now acknowledges he is four but denies ever having claimed he would listen or eat different foods. now all that will happen “when I am a teenager”

  4. lamontchu Says:

    Ahh, the mythical teenage years when everything is better. We’ve had some adoring encounters with teenagers/ preteens recently. Arizona & Toneya (16 & 11), the boys’ 2nd cousins, were here from Australia in June. The boys were totally smitten.

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